Journal 72 — Winter 2019-20

Table of Contents

  • York — the City that dare not speak his name / By Robert Beaumont
  • Rusher Cutting Tunnel / By Steve Huson
  • An Aborted Robbery from the Lincoln-Tamworth tender? / By John Soer
  • John Thomas Gretton — Midland Railwayman / By Richard Gretton
  • Transformation at St. Pancras / By John Earl
  • Marshalling the Facts
  • Front cover

    Front cover

    Photograph of a painting of George Hudson (1800-1871), Chairman of the Midland, Eastern Counties, Newcastle & Berwick and York & North Midland Railways. In this picture Hudson looks the epitome of Dickensian bonhomie and is obviously very pleased with himself!

  • Rear cover

    The furnace lit in Marley Hill shed, Tanfield Railway. This is the oldest working shed in the world, and sits on the hill above Kirltey’s birthplace. It was built in 1854 by Palmer of shipbuilding fame, and is on the Pontop and South Shields line that crosses the Tanfield at this point at right angles. The engine is Lambton and Hetton Collieries No.14.

    [Photo J. Earl]