Journal 69 — Winter 2018-19

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  • Front cover

    Front cover

    An up Midland express approaching Glendon North Jcn. with a 4–4–0 in charge. The 0–6–0 is in the head shunt and is a straight-framed loco presumably collecting ironstone wagons from Glendon West (behind the photographer on the down side.) The wagon (R/H edge) is on the loop leading to the ironstone quarry sidings. Note the 75 milepost which was just north of the signal box which is just out of view. The building is Barford Lodge which was demolished in the 1950s to make way for ironstone extraction. This is from a lantern slide recently discovered by Barry Taylor in Northampton Record Office, and has an exciting immediacy, the imminent onrush of the express contrasted with the rural stasis of the setting. There appears to be a “mole gibbet” on the fence on the right, with at least 25 moles on it; is this a subtle comment to the Midland Railway on spoiling the view? Thanks to Robin Cullup for his notes on this — any further material on the interface between railway and countryside would be welcome.

  • Rear cover

    Joint L&NW and Midland Office at 151 Oxford Street, London, 1921. [NRM collection]