Journal 68 — Autumn 2018

Table of Contents

  • The Tailer of Tanfield from Fiddler's Row? / By Don Asher
  • An Illustrated History of Kirtley 156 Class 2–4–0 No. 158 / By Steve Huson
  • Fire at King's Norton Carriage Sidings / By Stephen Lea
  • Marshalling the Facts
  • Foreigners / By Ian Howard
  • Front cover

    Front cover

    Kirtley 2–4–0 No. 20002 outside Bourneville shed on 2nd March 1935. Taken on the same day as the photograph of 20002 in the pages of Steve Hunson’s article on page 15 by Henry Casserley. This is the engine that was preserved as No. 158A, showing that it worked hard to the end of its long life.

  • Rear cover

    Birmingham Goods Yard, 30.6.1909; pair of horse with loaded Midland float no. 3740 [DY 9058]