Journal 67 — Spring 2018

Table of Contents

  • Front cover

    Front cover

    A fascinating picture of the approaches to St. Pancras in the early years of the century, showing the almost impossibly pristine nature of liveries and even the gasholders! Spinner No. 125 stands in the roads to the right, while a Johnson 4–4–0 lurks behind. The pilot shunter on the left seems about to convey an immaculate carriage backwards on to a train in the main roads. Closer inspection shows a shunter clinging to the back rail of a wagon.

  • Rear cover

    A vertiginous view from the top of Barlow’s trainshed showing how narrow were the approaches after being carried over the Regent’s canal. A horse can be seen in the tracks by the signal box. Both pictures in honour of “St. Pancras 150” this year.