Journal 43 — Summer 2010

Table of Contents

  • Horror at Horn’s Bridge / By Roger Brettle
  • Locomotive Aesthetics / By Jack Braithwaite
  • Guiseley and the Yeadon Branch / By Giles Brown
  • Early Accidents on the Midland Railway: 1844–46 / By Chris Rouse
  • Items from the Study Centre — 6 : The Shelford Archive / By Roy Burrows
  • Midland Railway Accounts Can Be Fun! / By Andrew Surry
  • The Chairman of the Midland Railway in a Collision [from The Derbyshire Times, August 24, 1872]
  • Midland Railway Wagons at King’s Lynn / By Ian Howard
  • Query Corner
  • Comments on Items in Previous Journals
  • Front cover

    Front cover

    Our cover photograph is a reproduction of a fine painting by David Charlesworth depicting ‘Jubilee’ class 45561 Saskatchewan at Horn’s Bridge, Chesterfield, at the head of an up express. The period illustrated would be around 1960. The Jubilees were, of course, regularly seen on expresses on the Midland main line, and this picture is full of Midland style. It is the first of what we hope will be regular coloured images for the front page of our Journal, and it introduces the article by Roger Brettle describing an assault upon the signalman at the box at Horn’s Bridge. The assault took place in 1876, when the box was the first that the Midland erected here. Unfortunately, there appears to be no photograph or image of it that has survived, or indeed was ever made, so we have used illustrations that contain, as here, its replacement, on the same site.

    David’s painting has been reproduced as a postcard, No. DC3 in the series published by M.A. Arts. [Courtesy of David Charlesworth]

  • Rear cover

    Rear cover

    This is a copy of the poster that the Midland Railway distributed to advertise the opening of the Yeadon Branch. It is clear that, from its inception, the station was primarily for goods, despite the provision of a platform and building for passengers. See Giles Brown’s article for a detailed description of the line and its purpose.

    [Roy F. Burrows Midland Collection Trust No. 25569: Midland Railway Study Centre]