Journal 4 — March 1997

Table of Contents

  • The Midland in the North West / By Laurence Knighton, Godfrey Yeomans, Glynn Waite & John Gough
  • The Ticket Dating Schemes of the Midland and LM&S Railways / By John Britton
  • Midland Railway Literature (2) / By Ted Hancock
  • Midland Railway Lodging House / By Glynn Waite
  • Comments on Items in Previous Journals
    • "Flatirons"
    • Midland Railway Police
    • William Cobby
    • Holmes Station
  • Query Corner
    • Identification of photos in previous Journals
    • New Query 1: Stations between Bromsgrove and Abbotswood Junction
    • New Query 2: Control Offices
    • New Query 3: Camp Hill
    • New Query 4: Discharged Derby Goods Guards
    • New Query 5: Shipment Traffic via Birkenhead
    • New Query 6: Where was this photo taken?
  • Front cover

    A tranquil scene at the south end of Sheffield station in 1896. The station was opened on 1st February 1970, along with the direct line to Chesterfield via Dronfield. The photograph was taken three years after a major enlargement and shows what are today’s Platforms 6 and 7. The present day Paltform 1 and 2 had not been built at that time. These were constructed as part of a further extension of the station in 1904.

  • Rear cover

    The rules for those who lodged in Masborough Barracks in 1907, of which 50 copies were printed. Little is known about this establishment (see notes on Lodging Houses on page 16.) The rules themselves contained the standard restrictions of the time regarding smoking and gambling. It makes one wonder what the Midland Directors would have thought about the obligatory gaming machines now commonplace in today’s traincrew depots!