Journal 2 — September 1996

Table of Contents

  • Recollections of a railwayman on the Hereford, Hay & Brecon line / By Bill Smith
  • A Roundabout Journey with changes at both Intermediate Stations / By Glynn Waite
  • A Note on Running Powers
  • Comments on Items in Previous Journals
    • Rotherham Westgate
    • Joint arrangements with the L&NW
    • Through Express Sheffield to LLandudno
    • Accidents with "Flatirons"
  • Electrifications of Lancaster, Morecombe and Heysham Lines / By Laurence Knighton, Roy Burrows & Glynn Waite
  • Where was this photo taken?
  • Front cover

    Members of the Saltley Football Club pose inside the shed. It was unusual in the days before substitutes for football clubs to have more than 10 shirts for the outfield players, but here there are 12, possibly reflecting the need to have spare shirts when staff were on the “wrong shift”. There was obviously a lot of interest in the sport, as there are also 5 officials and a trainer in the picture.

  • Rear cover

    The subject of Joint Arrangements with the L&NW is commented on at some length in this issue, commencing on page 9. This document sets out details of the proposed agreement between the two companies in 1908. Has anyone got a copy of the map referred to in section 1?