Journal 1 — June 1996

Table of Contents

  • An Early Parcel Label? / By Glynn Waite
  • Running Powers
  • First and Third Class Dining Carriages, Midland and Glasgow & South Western Joint Stock [From The Railway Engineer for October 1893]
  • Dining Between London and Edinburgh
  • An Esteemed Chief : Presentation to Westhouses Railway Officer / By Laurence Knighton
  • One hundred years ago
  • The Effect of the First World War on Passenger Train Miles
  • Proposed military platforms / By Glynn Waite
  • Unique?
  • Through express Sheffield to Llandudno / By Laurence Knighton
  • Joint arrangements with the L&NW / By Glynn Waite
  • Derailment near Ashton-under-Hill
  • Where was this photo taken?
  • Front cover

    Kirtley 0–6–0 No.864 hauls a Down Goods over the River Derwent at High Peak Junction before entering Leawood Tunnel. The date is c.1884. The locomotive was rebuilt in June 1885, and the bridge reconstructed in 1886/87.

  • Rear cover

    Midland Railway statistics for 1895. These were included in a complementary booklet advertising the new dining carriages — Nos. 360 and 361 — which were to be included in London to Manchester expresses on 1st January 1897. The trains concerned were the 10.5am and 5pm Down, and the 10.20am and 5.20pm Up. [See issue 3 for a reproduction of the booklet’s cover.]