Derby Registers DY1751–DY2000

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY1751Trent, Redhill tunnel Traffic
DY1752Trent, Redhill tunnel Traffic
DY1753Trent, Redhill tunnel Traffic
DY1754Millers Dale, trees & river Traffic
DY1755Midland Cricket Club rules, 1851
DY1756Midland Cricket Club rules, 1851
DY1757Midland Cricket Club rules, 1851
DY1758Cowburn tunnel, near view Traffic
DY1759Cowburn tunnel, distant view Traffic
DY1760Haddon Hall, bedchamber Traffic
DY1761Haddon Hall, Dorothy Vernon's steps ; transparency Traffic
DY1762Bournemouth, Invalids' Walk Traffic
DY1763Swansea, hoist at Kings Dock, distant view 21/1/1915Minerals Dept
DY1764Swansea, hoist at Kings Dock, distant view 21/1/1915Minerals Dept
DY1765Swansea, hoist at Kings Dock, near view 21/1/1915Minerals Dept
DY1766Swansea, hoist at Kings Dock, near view, dup 21/1/1915Minerals Dept
DY1767Swansea, East Dock Traffic
DY1768Swansea, East Dock, near view Traffic
DY1769Swansea, East Dock & ships Traffic
DY1770Swansea, North Dock Traffic
DY1771Swansea, North Dock Traffic
DY1772Swansea, drawbridge & boat Traffic
DY1773Swansea, drawbridge & steamer Traffic
DY1774Derby Institute, service room for cafe Institute
DY1775Derby Institute, kitchen Institute
DY1776Derby Institute, cafe Institute
DY1777Derby Institute, cafe Institute
DY1778Derby Institute, restaurant Institute
DY1779Derby Institute, small dining room Institute
DY1780Derby Institute, large dining hall Institute
DY1781Derby Institute, large dining hall Institute
DY1782Derby Institute, large dining hall Institute
DY1783Derby Institute, entrance hal (dining room) Institute
DY1784Derby Institute, gas stove in service room Institute
DY1785Derby Institute, exterior, horizontal ; from General Manager's Office window Institute
DY1786Derby Institute, exterior upright ; from road Institute
DY1787Derby station from Institute window Institute
DY1788Derby station from Institute window Institute
DY1789Mr. Iveson, seated at desk Traffic
DY1790Poplar, interior wool warehouse 1898Traffic
DY1791Poplar, interior wool warehouse 1898Traffic
DY1792Poplar, interior grain warehouse 1898Traffic
DY1793Poplar, goods shed & dock ; old negs cleaned off & replaced by new, Sept 1922 Sept 1922Traffic
DY1794Poplar, goods shed & dock 1898Traffic
DY1795Poplar, goods shed & yard ; old negs cleaned off & replaced by new, Sept 1922 Sept 1922Traffic
DY1796Poplar, goods shed shewing offices 1898Traffic
DY1797Poplar, dock & coal tipping apparatus ; old negs cleaned off & replaced by new, Sept 1922 Sept 1922Traffic
DY1798Victoria Dock, coal tipping ; old negs cleaned off & replaced by new, Sept 1922 Sept 1922Traffic
DY1799Victoria Dock, coal tipping 1898Traffic
DY1800Victoria Dock, Midland wharf ; old negs cleaned off & replaced by new, Sept 1922 Sept 1922Traffic
DY1801Victoria Dock, Midland wharf ; old negs cleaned off & replaced by new, Sept 1922 Sept 1922Traffic
DY1802Abingdon, from the river Ad.
DY1803Abingdon, Catholic church Ad.
DY1804Abingdon, passage to Almshouses Ad.
DY1805Iffley, Norman church Ad.
DY1806Iffley, Norman church, doorway Ad.
DY1807Iffley, old mill & river, horizontal Ad.
DY1808Iffley, old mill & river, upright Ad.
DY1809Iffley, on the canal Ad.
DY1810Warwick, Leicesters Hospital & street Ad.
DY1811Warwick, Leicesters Hospital & street Ad.
DY1812Warwick, main street Ad.
DY1813Warwick, church interior Ad.
DY1814Warwick, castle from the river Ad.
DY1815Oxford, Magdalen College (the granary) Ad.
DY1816Oxford, New College Chapel Ad.
DY1817Oxford, doorway to Mary the Virgin church Ad.
DY1818Oxford, Magdalen College, doorway Ad.
DY1819Oxford, Christ Church College, Tom Tower Ad.
DY1820Oxford, Christ Church College, Tom Tower Ad.
DY1821Oxford, Christ Church, chapel (used as cathedral) Ad.
DY1822Oxford, Christ Church, the quadrangle Ad.
DY1823St. Pancras, junction points & signals Traffic
DY1824St. Pancras, junction points & signals Traffic
DY1825St. Pancras, junction points & signals Traffic
DY1826St. Pancras, junction points & signals Traffic
DY1827St. Pancras, junction points & signals Traffic
DY1828St. Pancras, junction points & signals Traffic
DY1829Chatsworth House & bridge ; ½ plate original & dup Ad.
DY1830Chatsworth House & bridge ; same as 48 Ad.
DY1831Chatsworth House & bridge ; (duplicate) Ad.
DY1832Chatsworth House & bridge, distant view Ad.
DY1833Chatsworth House & river ; (used) Ad.
DY1834Breedon, round house at Ad.
DY1835149 road vehicle, (single horse piano van) C&W
DY1836500 road vehicle, (25 ton trolley) C&W
DY1837500 road vehicle, (25 ton trolley) C&W
DY1838151 road vehicle, (8 ton trolley) C&W
DY183922 road vehicle, (pair horses bus) C&W
DY18402 road vehicle, (pair horses bus) C&W
DY1841570 road vehicle, (boiler trolley) C&W
DY1842Weighing machine, various parts lettered Loco
DY1843Weighing machine, various parts lettered Loco
DY1844Weighing machine, 4 small parts lettered Loco
DY1845Coronation coach, Queen Victoria
DY1846Monsal Dale (film) used 19/4/1893Ad.
DY1847Monsal Dale looking towards Ashford in the Water Ad.
DY1848Monsal Dale looking towards Ashford in the Water Ad.
DY1849Monsal Dale looking up dale ; used, corner broken 28/4/1917 Ad.
DY1850Monsal Dale from top of tunnel (used) Advertising
DY1851Whatstandwell frost study, upright Advertising
DY1852Whatstandwell frost study, upright Advertising
DY1853Whatstandwell frost study, horizontal Advertising
DY1854Whatstandwell frost study, horizontal Advertising
DY1855Refreshment Wagon, perspective Hotel
DY1856Refreshment Wagon, straight Hotel
DY1857Luncheon basket Hotel
DY1858Liverpool, bacon shed, interior, ground floor 1895Traffic
DY1859Liverpool, bacon shed, interior, cellar floor 1895Traffic
DY1860Liverpool, bacon shed, exterior 1895Traffic
DY1861Liverpool, bacon shed, exterior 1895Traffic
DY1862Liverpool, bacon shed, exterior 1895Traffic
DY1863Burton station, King's visit ; Steps Traffic
DY1864Barton & Walton, King's visit awning interior Traffic
DY1865Barton & Walton, King's visit awning exterior Traffic
DY1866Barton & Walton, King's visit station approach ; Looking from station Traffic
DY1867Barton & Walton, King's visit station approach ; Looking to station Traffic
DY1868Barton & Walton, King's visit station Traffic
DY1869Barton & Walton, King's visit group of officials Traffic
DY1872Bonsal Cross 1903Advertising
DY1873Bonsal Cross 1903Advertising
DY1874Ambergate, general views from railway ; Looking to Whatstandwell 1903Advertising
DY1875Ambergate, general views from railway ; Duplicate 1903Advertising
DY1876Kinder Hills and waterfall (film) Advertising
DY1877Castleton, general views 28/8/1912Advertising
DY1878Castleton, (The Winnats) (film) 16/8/1893Advertising
DY1879Castleton, (The Winnats) (film) 16/8/1893Advertising
DY1880Castleton, (entrance to Winnats) (film) 16/8/1893Advertising
DY1881Castleton, Peveril Castle 28/8/1912Advertising
DY1882Castleton, Mam Tor (film) 16/8/1893Advertising
DY1883Castleton, Peak Cavern (film) 16/8/1893Advertising
DY1884Hope, [Rill?] Hill bridge (film) 16/8/1893Advertising
DY1885Hope, general view (film) 22/8/1893Advertising
DY1886Hope, bridge in land (film) 22/8/1893Advertising
DY1887Hope, road to Win Hill (film) 22/8/1893Advertising
DY1888Hathersage, showing church (film) 29/8/1893Advertising
DY1889Hathersage, Millstone Edge (film) 29/8/1893Advertising
DY1890Hathersage, Burbage Rock (film) 29/8/1893Advertising
DY1891Hathersage, Toadsillouth Rock (film) ; Looking towards Hathersage 29/8/1893Advertising
DY1892Eyam, Rumis Cross upright (film) 12/9/1893Advertising
DY1893Eyam, Rumis Cross upright (film) 12/9/1893Advertising
DY1894Eyam, church (film) 12/9/1893Advertising
DY1895Eyam, house where plague broke out (film) 12/9/1893Advertising
DY1896Eyam, Mompesson's Chair (film) 12/9/1893Advertising
DY1897Eyam, Riley graves (film) 12/9/1893Advertising
DY1898Sandringham, chinese pagoda (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1899Sandringham, house (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1900Sandringham, house (film) ; near river 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1901Sandringham, York Cottage Lodge (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1902Sandringham, from upper lake (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1903Sandringham, church (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1904Castle Rising, general view (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1905Castle Rising, entrance (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1906West Runton, fishermen (film) 3/11/1893Advertising
DY1907West Runton, beach & man (small) (film) 3/11/1893Advertising
DY1908West Runton, beach & Boat (film) 3/11/1893Advertising
DY1909Caistor on Sea, lifeboat station (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1910Caistor on Sea, beach road (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1911Caistor on Sea, church (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1912Caistor on Sea, lifeboat (film) 30/10/1893Advertising
DY1913Norwich, grammar school (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1914Norwich, canal and Bishop's Bridge (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1915Norwich, cathederal (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1916Norwich, cathederal (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1917Norwich, cathederal west front (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1918Norwich, cathederal (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1919Norwich, Pulls ferry (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1920Norwich, St Elizabeth's Arch (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1921Norwich, castle (film) 1/11/1893Advertising
DY1922Launceston castle (film) 8/7/1893Advertising
DY1923Launceston castle steps(film) 8/7/1893Advertising
DY1924Launceston North Gate(film) 8/7/1893Advertising
DY1925Launceston church (film) 8/7/1893Advertising
DY1926Launceston Town Gate (film) 8/7/1893Advertising
DY1927Launceston castle gate (film) 8/7/1893Advertising
DY1928Plymouth, Sutton Pool (film) ; Boys on rock 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1929Plymouth, Sutton Pool (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1930Plymouth, Sutton Pool (film) ; Not used 5/7/1894Advertising
DY1931Plymouth, Millbay Road (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1932Plymouth, Hoe (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1933Plymouth, The Citadel (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1934Plymouth, Atheneium (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1935Plymouth, Plym Bridge Cottage (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1936Plymouth, The Barbican (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1937Plymouth, bathing cove (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1938Plymouth, old trestle bridge (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1939Plymouth, Drake's monument (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1940Plymouth, Drake's monument (film) ; Duplicate 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1941Plymouth, Old Eddystone Lighthouse(film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1942Plymouth, Armarda statue (film) 5/7/1893Advertising
DY1943Tavistock, on the Tavey (film) ; Upright, showing bridge 6/7/1893Advertising
DY1944Tavistock, on the Tavey (film) ; Upright, showing bridge 6/7/1893Advertising
DY1945Tavistock, on the Tavey with figures (film) 6/7/1893Advertising
DY1946Tavistock, on the Tavey without figures (film) 6/7/1893Advertising
DY1947Tavistock, Abbey (film) 6/7/1893Advertising
DY1948Torquay, Cockington Lane, distant (film) 17/7/1893Advertising
DY1949Torquay, Cockington Lane, near (film) 17/7/1894Advertising
DY1950Torquay, Saddle Rock (film) 17/7/1895Advertising
DY1951Torquay, natural arch (film) 17/7/1896Advertising
DY1952Dining Car train (film) Traffic
DY1953Dining Car train (film) Traffic
DY1954Theatrical Train (Lockwood & Bosworth) (film) Traffic
DY1955Theatrical Train (Lockwood & Bosworth) (film) Traffic
DY1956Theatrical Train (The Gaity Girl Co.) Traffic
DY1957Elstow, church (film) 15/6/93Traffic
DY1958Saloon L&Y (film) ; Shewing stove Traffic
DY1959Saloon L&Y (film) Traffic
DY1960Saloon L&Y (film) ; Shewing store nearer view Traffic
DY1961Marple landslip (film) ; Near view 28/12/1893Traffic
DY1962Marple landslip (film) ; Distant view 28/12/1893Traffic
DY1963Marple landslip (film) ; General view. Not used 28/12/1893Traffic
DY1964Marple landslip (film) ; Shewing props 28/12/1893Traffic
DY1965Marple landslip (film) ; General view. Not used 28/12/1893Traffic
DY1966Totley Tunnel (film) 14/12/1893Traffic
DY1967Totley Tunnel (film) 14/12/1893Traffic
DY1968Director's Trip on Dore & Chinley line (film) 10/8/1893Traffic
DY1969Director's Trip on Dore & Chinley line (film) ; Shewing engine 10/8/1893Traffic
DY1970Director's Trip on Dore & Chinley line (film) ; Duplicate 10/8/1893Traffic
DY1971Director's Trip on Dore & Chinley line (film) ; Shewing Totley Tunnel 10/8/1893Traffic
DY1972Potter Heigham bridge (film) Traffic
DY1973Bedford Station (film) 19/12/1893Traffic
DY1974Bedford Station (film) 19/12/1893Traffic
DY1975No. 37 S&DJR Bogie Composite carriage (film) C&W
DY1976No. 8 Standard goods tank engine S&DJR (film) Loco
DY1977Methley gas works Loco
DY1978Methley gas works Loco
DY1979Cambridge in Trinity College grounds Advertising
DY1980Cambridge in Trinity College library Advertising
DY1981Cambridge in Trinity College collonade Advertising
DY1982Cambridge Kings College tower Advertising
DY1983Cambridge bridge Advertising
DY1984Cambridge Kings College quad Advertising
DY1985Ely Cathedral nave Advertising
DY1986Ely Cathedral west front Advertising
DY1987Ely Cathedral norman door Advertising
DY1988Ely Cathedral entrance to chior Advertising
DY1989Lavenham church Advertising
DY1990Lavenham street scene Advertising
DY1991Lavenham street scene Advertising
DY1992Bury St. Edmunds font in St. Mary's Church Advertising
DY1993Bury St. Edmunds norman tower Advertising
DY1994Bury St. Edmunds norman tower Advertising
DY1995Bury St. Edmunds Will House Advertising
DY1996Bury St. Edmunds St. Mary's Church interior Advertising
DY19971318 engine, 4WC Loco
DY1998223a engine, (tank) Loco
DY19992607 engine, Belpair Loco
DY20002581 engine, 4WC Loco