Derby Registers DY751–DY1000

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY751Heysham, The Towers, distant view 6/5/1896Traffic
DY752Heysham, Monastic ruins 6/5/1896Traffic
DY753Heysham, church 6/5/1896Traffic
DY754Heysham, roman burying ground 6/5/1896Traffic
DY755Grassington, church, exterior 5/1896Advertising
DY756Grassington, church, interior 5/1896Advertising
DY757Yarmouth, aquarium, interior 19/9/1896Advertising
DY758Yarmouth, aquarium, exterior 19/9/1896Advertising
DY759Yarmouth, quay and town hall from south town side 3/1897Advertising
DY760Yarmouth, fish wharf and quay 3/1897Advertising
DY761Yarmouth, new hospital 3/1897Advertising
DY762Yarmouth, assembly rooms 3/1897Advertising
DY763Yarmouth, quay and town hall from bridge 3/1897Advertising
DY764Yarmouth, Breydon Water 3/1897Advertising
DY765Yarmouth, Breydon Water 3/1897Advertising
DY766Yarmouth, Queens hotel 3/1897Advertising
DY767Yarmouth, roman tower 3/1897Advertising
DY768Lowestoft, from pier 11/3/1897Advertising
DY769Lowestoft, harbour 11/3/1897Advertising
DY771Lowestoft, fishing boats 11/3/1897Advertising
DY772Gorleston, tug entering river 9/3/1897Advertising
DY773Gorleston, tug towing boat away 9/3/1897Advertising
DY774Gorleston, pier and gardens 9/3/1897Advertising
DY775Fritton Decoy, gnarled oak 9/3/1897Advertising
DY776Fritton Decoy, man in boat 9/3/1897Advertising
DY777Fritton Decoy, tree and path 9/3/1897Advertising
DY778Shrewsbury Abbey, old pulpit 17/7/1895Advertising
DY779Shrewsbury, town bridge 17/7/1895Advertising
DY780Shrewsbury, old cottages 17/7/1895Advertising
DY781Shrewsbury, town hall 17/7/1895Advertising
DY782Bridgnorth, bridge and river 16/7/1895Advertising
DY783Church Stretton, view at, shewing The Brecon Advertising
DY784Leicester, London Road, new bridge Traffic
DY785Leicester, London Road, new bridge Traffic
DY786Leicester, London Road, new bridge Traffic
DY787Leicester, Fox Street, new bridge Traffic
DY788Leicester, Fox Street, new bridge Traffic
DY789Derby, Loco Department, spring buckle machine 22/10/1895Loco
DY790Derby, C&W Department, timber drying shed 18/03/1897C&W
DY791Derby, C&W Department, slotting machine 18/03/1897C&W
DY792Derby, C&W Department, rough cutting saw 18/03/1897C&W
DY793Derby, Loco Department, tyre drilling machine 11/1895Loco
DY794Derby, Loco Department, press shop 11/1895Loco
DY795Derby, Loco Department, press shop boiler 11/1895Loco
DY796Derby, Loco Department, press shop boiler 11/1895Loco
DY797Derby, Loco Department, axle drilling machine 11/1895Loco
DY798Derby, Loco Department, wheel press 11/1895Loco
DY799Derby, Loco Department, machine shop 11/1895Loco
DY800Derby, Loco Department, boiler shop 11/1895Loco
DY801Derby, Loco Department, boiler shop 11/1895Loco
DY802Derby, Loco Department, erecting shop 11/1895Loco
DY803Derby, Loco Department, paint shop 11/1895Loco
DY804Derby, Loco Department, upright rolling machine 11/1895Loco
DY805Derby, Loco Department, boiler outside boiler shop 11/1895Loco
DY806Derby, Loco Department, alteration to photo room 11/1895Loco
DY807Derby, Loco Department, boiler using waste heat 11/1895Loco
DY808Derby, Loco Department, iron foundry 11/1895Loco
DY809Derby, Loco Department, iron foundry 11/1895Loco
DY810Derby, Loco Department, wheel shop 11/1895Loco
DY811Derby, Loco Department, wheel shop 11/1895Loco
DY812Derby, Loco Department, tyre cutting machine 11/1895Loco
DY813Derby, Loco Department, tyre cutting machine 11/1895Loco
DY814Derby, Loco Department, tyre cutting machine 11/1895Loco
DY815Derby, Loco Department, drilling machine, boiler shop 11/1895Loco
DY816Derby, Loco Department, crane holding boiler near steam riveter 11/1895Loco
DY817Derby, Loco Department, link machine 11/1895Loco
DY818Derby, Loco Department, port drilling machine 11/1895Loco
DY819Derby, Loco Department, hydraulic tube plate bender 11/1895Loco
DY820Derby, Loco Department, machine in Mr Ivesons office 11/1895Loco
DY82166 S&D goods engine Loco
DY82245a S&D saddle tank engine ; Whole plate Loco
DY82345a S&D saddle tank engine ; Half plate Loco
DY82425a S&D saddle tank engine Loco
DY82514 S&D passenger engine Loco
DY8265 S&D first class carriage Loco
DY82729 S&D composite carriage Loco
DY828First class dining car C&W
DY829First class dining car, No. 361 Lot. 365 ; Built 1896 1896C&W
DY830731 Family carriage C&W
DY831Birmingham, Lawley Street goods, exterior ; New negative 21/5/1912 21/5/1912Traffic
DY832Birmingham, Lawley Street yard ; New negative 21/5/1912 21/5/1912Traffic
DY833Birmingham, Lawley Street goods, interior 1895Traffic
DY834Birmingham, Central Goods, interior ; Grain on floor 01/07/1895Traffic
DY835Birmingham, Central Goods, interior ; Grain in sacks 01/07/1895Traffic
DY836Birmingham, Central Goods, interior ; Grain in sacks 01/07/1895Traffic
DY837Birmingham, Central Goods, exterior 01/07/1895Traffic
DY838Birmingham, Central Goods, exterior ; Near view 01/07/1895Traffic
DY839Liverpool, Sandon Dock ; From goods yard, cleaned off 1/7/1922 1895Traffic
DY840Liverpool, Sandon Dock ; Duplicate, cleaned off 1/7/1922 1895Traffic
DY841Liverpool, Sandon Dock ; From signal box, cleaned off 1/7/1922 1895Traffic
DY8421868, engine and tender Loco
DY843116, engine and tender Loco
DY84441, M&GN, passenger tank engine M&GN
DY84577, M&GN, passenger engine ; Small P.C. M&GN
DY84615, M&GN, saddle tank engine ; Small 25/03/1897M&GN
DY84715, M&GN, saddle tank engine ; Large 25/03/1897M&GN
DY84847, M&GN, passenger engine ; Small 25/03/1897M&GN
DY84947, M&GN, passenger engine ; Large 25/03/1897M&GN
DY85017a, M&GN, saddle tank engine ; Small 25/03/1897M&GN
DY85117a, M&GN, saddle tank engine ; Large 23/03/1897M&GN
DY85210, M&GN, tank engine ; Small 23/03/1897M&GN
DY85310, M&GN, tank engine ; Large 23/03/1897M&GN
DY8541a, M&GN, passenger engine ; Small 23/03/1897M&GN
DY8551a, M&GN, passenger engine ; Large, Broken 23/03/1897M&GN
DY85663, M&GN, goods engine ; Small 26/03/1897M&GN
DY85763, M&GN, goods engine ; Large 26/03/1897M&GN
DY85825, M&GN, passenger engine ; Small 23/03/1897M&GN
DY85925, M&GN, passenger engine ; Large 23/03/1897M&GN
DY8603a, M&GN, passenger engine ; Small 23/03/1897M&GN
DY8613a, M&GN, passenger engine ; Large 23/03/1897M&GN
DY8622241, MR, passenger engine Loco
DY8631261, MR, passenger engine Loco
DY8642230, MR, passenger engine Loco
DY8652219, MR, passenger engine Loco
DY8662001, MR, goods engine Loco
DY8672018, MR, passenger tank engine Loco
DY8682360, MR, saddle tank engine Loco
DY8692250, MR, goods engine Loco
DY8702028, MR, goods engine and tender Loco
DY8711124, MR, goods tank engine Loco
DY8721963, MR, goods engine and tender Loco
DY87363, MR, engine and tender ; Small size Loco
DY8742736, MR, engine and tender Loco
DY875Settle, railway bridge Advertising
DY876Settle, ebbing and flowing well Advertising
DY877Settle, The Folly Advertising
DY878Settle, Stainforth Force ; Not used Advertising
DY879Settle, Stainforth Force Advertising
DY880Settle, Stainforth Force, near view ; Not used Advertising
DY881Settle, Scaleber Advertising
DY882Giggleswick, Grammer School Advertising
DY883Giggleswick, church and cross Advertising
DY884Scarborough, north pier 22/09/1897Advertising
DY885Scarborough, lighthouse pier 12/??/1898Advertising
DY886Scarborough, herring fleet 22/09/1897Advertising
DY887Scarborough, fish wharf from lighthouse pier 12/04/1898Advertising
DY888Scarborough, St. Mary's church 22/09/1897Advertising
DY889Scarborough, fleet of cobble boats 12/04/1898Advertising
DY890Scarborough, fishing fleet and castle cliff 12/04/1898Advertising
DY891Scarborough, Grand Hotel entrance hall and staircase 12/04/1898Advertising
DY892Scarborough, station, interior 12/04/1898Advertising
DY893Scarborough, aquarium 12/04/1898Advertising
DY894Scarborough, from Oliver's Mount 22/09/1897Advertising
DY895Scarborough, cliff tramway ; Film 3/1898Advertising
DY896Scarborough, Clarence gardens 22/09/1897Advertising
DY897Scarborough, Valley bridge ; Film 3/1898Advertising
DY898Scarborough, castle cliff and harbour ; Film 3/1898Advertising
DY899Scarborough, Sandiside, with Steam Trawlers 3/1898Advertising
DY900Scarborough, St. Martin's church 22/09/1897Advertising
DY901Scarborough, museum and Grand Hotel 22/09/1897Advertising
DY902Scarborough, from Grand Hotel 22/09/1897Advertising
DY903Scarborough, from Grand Hotel ; Transparency Advertising
DY904Scarborough, from spa 22/09/1897Advertising
DY905Scarborough, castle 22/09/1897Advertising
DY906Scarborough, cliff bridge and entrance to spa 12/04/1898Advertising
DY907Blandford, entrance to Bryauston Park 30/06/1898Advertising
DY908Blandford, main street shewing parish church 30/06/1898Advertising
DY909Blandford, on the river ; With bridge 30/06/1898Advertising
DY910Blandford, on the river 30/06/1898Advertising
DY911Pylle, church ; Film 23/06/1898Advertising
DY912Pylle, in the woods ; Film 23/06/1898Advertising
DY913Pylle, shewing railway through woods ; Film 23/06/1898Advertising
DY914Shapwick, stacking peat 23/06/1898Advertising
DY915Shapwick, cutting peat 23/06/1898Advertising
DY916Glastonbury Abbey, abbotts kitchen ; Near view 28/06/1898Advertising
DY917Glastonbury Abbey, abbotts kitchen ; With cart 28/06/1898Advertising
DY918Glastonbury Abbey, abbotts kitchen, interior 8/1909Advertising
DY919Glastonbury Abbey, interior (after restoration) 8/1909Advertising
DY920Glastonbury Abbey, interior (after restoration) 8/1909Advertising
DY921Glastonbury Abbey, St. John's church 28/06/1898Advertising
DY922Glastonbury Abbey, George Hotel and market cross 28/06/1898Advertising
DY923Glastonbury Abbey, The Tribunal 28/06/1898Advertising
DY924Glastonbury Abbey, The Torr 28/06/1898Advertising
DY925Cossington, church 29/06/1898Advertising
DY926Cossington, pilgrims tree 29/06/1898Advertising
DY927Cossington, old cottage in lane 29/06/1898Advertising
DY928Stalbridge, ancient cross 01/07/1898Advertising
DY929Stalbridge, street and ancient cross 01/07/1898Advertising
DY930Stalbridge, church 01/07/1898Advertising
DY931Stalbridge, thatched cottage 01/07/1898Advertising
DY932Stalbridge, street view with church 01/07/1898Advertising
DY933Stalbridge, Gold street 8/1909Advertising
DY934Stalbridge, market place ; Not used 8/1909Advertising
DY935Wells, entrance to Bishops palace ; With drawbridge 27/06/1898Advertising
DY936Wells, entrance to Bishops Palace 27/06/1898Advertising
DY937Wells, Catherdal cloisters ; Film 27/06/1898Advertising
DY938Wells, avenue of trees ; Near Cathedral 27/06/1898Advertising
DY939Wells, market place 27/06/1898Advertising
DY940Wells, St Cuthbert's church 27/06/1898Advertising
DY941Wells, water wheel ; For pumping water for S&D. engines 27/06/1898Advertising
DY942Wells, ruins of banqueting hall, Bishops Palace 27/06/1898Advertising
DY943Wells, Catherdal from Palace gardens 27/06/1898Advertising
DY944Wells, vicar's close 27/06/1898Advertising
DY945Wells, vicar's close and entrance gate 27/06/1898Advertising
DY946Wells, St. Andrew street 27/06/1898Advertising
DY947Wells, on the moat ; Looking to right 27/06/1898Advertising
DY948Wells, on the moat ; Looking to left 27/06/1898Advertising
DY949Burnham, church interior 26/06/1898Advertising
DY950Burnham, golf links pavilion and "Home green" 26/06/1898Advertising
DY951Burnham, golf links pavilion and "Home green" 26/06/1898Advertising
DY952Burnham, golf links pavilion and "The Start" 26/06/1898Advertising
DY953Burnham, golf links "Driver" over Majuba Hill 26/06/1898Advertising
DY954Burnham, golf links with box 26/06/1898Advertising
DY955Burnham, Berrow Road and lighthouse ; Duplicate 26/06/1898Advertising
DY956Burnham, Hart House school 26/06/1898Advertising
DY957Burnham, Hart House school, avenue of trees leading to 26/06/1898Advertising
DY958Burnham, promenade with Pierrots 8/1909Advertising
DY959Burnham, SS Waverley leaving for Ilfracombe 26/06/1898Advertising
DY960Burnham, jetty 26/06/1898Advertising
DY961Burnham, beach and swing boats 8/1909Advertising
DY962Burnham, beach, children paddling 8/1909Advertising
DY963Burnham, promenade 8/1909Advertising
DY964Burnham, promenade from jetty 16/07/1898Advertising
DY965Burnham, from church tower, looking towards Weston Super Mare 16/07/1898Advertising
DY966Burnham, church 21/06/1898Advertising
DY967Burnham, church shewing entrance gate 21/06/1898Advertising
DY968Bridgwater, St. Mary's church 24/06/1898Advertising
DY969Bridgwater, St. Mary's church interior 24/06/1898Advertising
DY970Shepton Mallet, church and narrow street 12/07/1898Advertising
DY971Shepton Mallet, The Buttercross 12/07/1898Advertising
DY972Shepton Mallet, The Buttercross and fountain 12/07/1898Advertising
DY973Shepton Mallet, church 12/07/1898Advertising
DY974Poole, the promenade 12/07/1898Advertising
DY975Poole, shipping 12/07/1898Advertising
DY976Bawdrip, church 29/06/1898Advertising
DY977Wimborne, Minster 15/07/1898Advertising
DY978Wimborne, Minster, portion of 15/07/1898Advertising
DY979Wimborne, Minster, the nave 15/07/1898Advertising
DY980Wimborne, Minster, sun dial (A.D. 1676) 15/07/1898Advertising
DY981Wimborne, Minster, The Chained library 15/07/1898Advertising
DY982Midford, canal near Bath Advertising
DY983Midford, road to station Advertising
DY984Midford, from railway platform 13/07/1898Advertising
DY985Midford, S&D railway viaduct 13/07/1898Advertising
DY986Midford, on canal at 13/07/1898Advertising
DY987Midford, on canal at, shewing houses 13/07/1898Advertising
DY988Chedzoy, church 29/?/1898Advertising
DY989Chedzoy, part of church shewing sword marks 29/?/1898Advertising
DY990Bath, municiple buildings 13/07/1898Advertising
DY991Bamford, river bridge 27/07/1897Advertising
DY992Salhouse Broad, shewing boats 15/07/1897Advertising
DY993Group, Yarmouth convention (taken at Salhouse Broad) 15/07/1897Convention
DY994Oulton Broad 15/07/1897Advertising
DY995Wroxham, bridge 15/07/1897Advertising
DY996Wroxham, on the Broads at 15/07/1897Advertising
DY997Old railway ticket, Leicester to Broughton Advertising
DY998Football league cup, Midland Railway Loco
DY999Signature, George Stephenson Loco
DY1000607, Motor car van C&W