Derby Registers DY8501–DY8652

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY85011413 Goods Tank Engine, MR Co.
DY85021116 Goods Tank Engine, MR Co.
DY8503218 Goods Tank Engine, MR Co.
DY85041322 Saddle Tank Engine, MR Co.
DY85051655 Passenger Tank Engine, MR Co.
DY85061549 Passenger Tank Engine, MR Co.
DY85071853 End View of Engine, MR Co.
DY8508ADining Car interior (copied), MR Co.
DY8508BDining Car interior (copied), MR Co.
DY850945 Passenger Engine and tender, S&DJR
DY85106 Third Class Carriage, S&DJR
DY8511400 Low sided wagon, S&DJR
DY85121 Horse Box, S&DJR
DY8513994 Timber truck, S&DJR
DY851420 Brake Van, S&DJR
DY8515ATravelling Crane, S&DJR
DY8515BTravelling Steam Crane, on riverside wharf S&DJR
DY85168 Goods Tank Engine, S&DJR
DY85171 Goods Engine and tender, S&DJR
DY851828a Passenger Tank Engine, S&DJR
DY8519Brake Van (Passenger) S&DJR
DY8520S.S. "Julia", S&DJR
DY8520AS.S. "Julia", S&DJR alongside quay on river
DY8521S.S. "Julia", S&DJR
DY8522S.S. "Julia", S&DJR
DY8523S.S. "Leopard" in dock, S&DJR
DY8524Drawing Boiler Arrangements, M&GNJR
DY852524 Passenger Engine, M&GNJR
DY852624, Tender hind view of, M&GNJR
DY852731 Passenger Brake Van, M&GNJR
DY8528Diagram Sections, M&GNJR
DY85298 Third Class Carriage, M&GNJR
DY8530Tank Engine, E&MR
DY8531Water Crane, E&MR
DY853255 Third Class carriage, M&GNJR
DY8533107 High sided wagon, M&GNJR
DY8534Turntable, M&GNJR
DY853542a Passenger Engine, M&GNJR
DY853628 Passenger Engine, M&GNJR
DY853719 Smoke box, end of, M&GNJR
DY853816 Goods Tank, end of, M&GNJR
DY853913a Passenger [Tank?], end of, M&GNJR
DY854041 Tank [engine], end of, M&GNJR
DY854115 Composite Carriage, M&GNJR
DY854233 Passenger Engine, M&GNJR
DY8543Engine Smoke Box, M&GNJR
DY8544Engine Smoke Box, M&GNJR
DY8545Engine showing vacuum brake, M&GNJR
DY8546550 Brake Van, M&GNJR
DY8547Tank Shunting Engine, M&GNJR
DY85481 Engine and tender, M&GNJR
DY8549Bogie Tank Engine, M&GNJR
DY855027 Engine Smoke box, M&GNJR
DY8551Water Crane, M&GNJR
DY855256 Composite Carriage, M&GNJR
DY8553Wheel and axle, MR Co.
DY8554Wheel and axle, MR Co.
DY8555Wheel and axle, MR Co.
DY8556Wheel and axle, MR Co.
DY8557Wheel and axle, MR Co.
DY8558Chatsworth House (positive)
DY8559Third Class Carriage and Goods Van No.100, S&DJR
DY8560Workmens Train, S&DJR
DY856117 Four wheeled Coupled Bogie Passenger Engine, S&DJR
DY856217 Four wheeled Coupled Bogie Passenger Engine, S&DJR
DY856371 Four wheeled Coupled Bogie Passenger Engine, S&DJR
DY856474 Goods Engine and tender, S&DJR
DY856526a Tank Engine, S&DJR
DY856653 passenger Tank, S&DJR
DY8567Oil Gas Works, Highbridge, S&DJR
DY8568Oil Gas Works, Highbridge, S&DJR
DY856920 Composite Carriage, S&DJR
DY857030 Composite Carriage, S&DJR
DY857190 Third Class Bogie Carriage, S&DJR
DY857286 Bogie Carriage, S&DJR
DY85732 Gas Storage Tank, S&DJR
DY85742 Breakdown Crane, S&DJR
DY8575Travelling Crane, S&DJR
DY85761242 Rail Wagon, S&DJR
DY85771242 Rail Wagon, S&DJR
DY857811 Horse Box, S&DJR
DY857925 Third Class Carriage, S&DJR
DY858011 Milk Van, S&DJR
DY8581141 Wagon, S&DJR
DY8582356 Wagon, S&DJR
DY85831179 Wagon, S&DJR
DY85841238 Cattle Truck, S&DJR
DY858511 Horse Box, S&DJR
DY85861218 Wagon, S&DJR
DY85871 Ballast Brake Van, S&DJR
DY85881203 Meat Van, S&DJR
DY858915 Horse Box, S&DJR
DY8590508 Wagon, S&DJR
DY8591641 Girder Wagon, S&DJR
DY85921243 Engineer's Wagon, S&DJR
DY8593602 Wagon, S&DJR
DY859436 Composite Carriage, S&DJR
DY8595Manchester Central Station exterior
DY8596Harrogate Station exterior
DY8597Harrogate Station exterior
DY8598Harrogate Station
DY8599Harrogate Station interior
DY8600Harrogate Station interior
DY8601Electric Printing Machine
DY8602Church Street, Derby (old negative)
DY8603Portrait Charles Booth (Chairman 1919 - 1922)
DY8604Portrait Henry Tylston Hodgson (Deputy Chairman 1904 - 1918)
DY8605Portrait Mr Beal (Director) [to confirm which members of the family this is]
DY8606Portrait Lewis Randle Starkey (Director 1880 - 1905)
DY8607Portrait Lord Thomas Cecil Farrer (Director 1896 - 1911)
DY8608Portrait Robert Andrew Allison (Director 1881 - 1922)
DY8609Portrait Sir William Coddington (Director 1889 - 1897)
DY8610Portrait Sir Henry Samuel Wiggin (Director 1883 - 1905)
DY8611Portrait Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin (Director 1869 - 1903)
DY8612Portrait William Unwin Heygate (Director 1862 - 1902)
DY8613Portrait Lord Belper (Henry Strutt) (Director 1892 - 1914)
DY8614Portrait Gustav Behrens (Director 1886 - 1922)
DY8615Portrait James Walker Oxley (Director 1892 - 1922)
DY8616Portrait George Henry Turner (General Manager 1892 - 1901)
DY8617Portrait John Mathieson (General Manager 1901 - 1906)
DY8618Portrait Edward William Wells (Assistant General Manager 1893 - 1905)
DY8619Portrait William Edward Adie (Goods Manager 1892 - 1905)
DY8620Portrait Joseph Shaw (Minerals Manager 1887 - 1902)
DY8621Portrait Henry Fowler (Gas Engineer 1900 - 1907)
DY8622Portrait Joseph Pettifor (Stores Supt. 1855 - 1894)
DY8623Portrait George Morrall (Stores Supt. 1894 - 1902)
DY8624Portrait William Edward Langdon (Telegraph Supt. 1878 - 1902)
DY8625Portrait John Allen McDonald (Chief Engineer 1890 - 1904)
DY8626Portrait John Argyle (Engineer, Northern Division 1890 - 1915)
DY8627Portrait John Landor Lowe (Engineers Dept. New Works 1890 - 1915)
DY8628Portrait Henry Joseph Bell (Engineers Dept. Chief Clerk 1875 - 1914)
DY8629Portrait Thomas Woodward (Signal Supt. 1895 - 1905)
DY8630Portrait Alexis Leon Charles (Secretary 1899 - 1916)
DY8631Portrait Samuel Pegg (Chief Cashier ??? - 1907)
DY8632Portrait William Lowe Mugliston (Supt. of the Line 1890 - 1902)
DY8633Portrait Joseph Constantine (District Superintendent, Sheffield 1899 - 1906)
DY8634Portrait Thomas Gething Clayton (Carriage & Wagon Supt. 1873 - 1902)
DY8635Portrait Thomas Peter Osborne (Carriage & Wagon Works Manager 1876 - 1898 and Assistant Carriage & Wagon Supt. and Works Manager 1898 - 1909). [These two positions were merged in 1898 and then split again 1909.]
DY8636Portrait Thomas James (Carriage & Wagon Works Manager 1909 - 1916)
DY8637Portrait Harry Rylance Haigh (Carriage & Wagon Out Door Assistant 1884 - 1909)
DY8638Portrait John James Doughty (Accountant 1897 - 1904)
DY8639Portrait William Henry Hodges (Accountant 1866 - 1897)
DY8640Portrait Arthur Nicholson (Manager Sheet & Sack Dept., Trent 1899 - 1910)
DY8641Portrait John Lane (C.M.E. Dept. Loco Works Manager 1893 - 1901)
DY8642Portrait George James Pratt (C.M.E. Dept. Chief Clerk 1897 - 1922)
DY8643Portrait W.R. Gill (Secretary, Belfast & Northern Counties Rly 1887 - 1905)
DY8644Portrait Bowman Malcolm (Loco, Belfast & Northern Counties Rly 1876 - 1922)
DY8645Portrait Thomas Walklate (Goods Manager 1844 - 1868)
DY8646Portrait Henry Mosley (C.M.E. Dept. Brass Shop 1851 - 1902)
DY8647Portrait Mr Hare (C.M.E. Dept. Accountant)
DY8648Portraits Sir William Guy Granet (General Manager 1906 - 1918) and Sir Eric Campbell Geddes (Held various senior war time posts, then Minister of Transport 1919 - 1921)
DY8649Interior of Passenger Brake Van, Pigeon Traffic (clerestory roof)
DY8650Horse Dray No.220 St. Pancras Goods
DY8651Derby. Carriage & Wagon Works Erecting Shop
DY8652Derby. Carriage & Wagon Works Erecting Shop