Derby Registers DY501–DY750

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY501Yarmouth, free library 8/1896Bass & Company
DY502Yarmouth, recreation grounds 9/4/1897Bass & Company
DY503New Brighton, fort & lighthouse, high water 4/9/1895Loco
DY504New Brighton, fort & lighthouse, low water 4/9/1895Loco
DY505New Brighton, new lighthouse 6/5/1895Loco
DY506Birkenhead, Town Hall 9/4/1895Loco
DY507Liverpool, Saint George's hall 20/4/1895Loco
DY508Liverpool, overhead railway 9/4/1895Loco
DY509Liverpool, Bass & Company, staff 10/4/1895Loco
DY511Liverpool, Water Street 19/?/1895Loco
DY512Liverpool, Picton reading room 20/4/1895Loco
DY513Liverpool, Laugton graving dock 19/4/1895Loco
DY514Liverpool, Laugton dock 20/4/1895Loco
DY515Liverpool, SS "Campania" 20/4/1895Loco
DY516Liverpool, SS "Majestic" 10/4/1895Loco
DY517Liverpool, floating bridge 9/4/1895Loco
DY518Liverpool, Central station 3/5/1895Loco
DY519Liverpool, Central station entrance 3/5/1895Loco
DY520Liverpool, Princes landing stage 19/4/1895Loco
DY521Liverpool, Exchange, flags 20/4/1895Loco
DY522Liverpool, George's landing stage 9/4/1895Loco
DY523Liverpool, Irlam Viaduct 13/5/1895Loco
DY524Liverpool, Salthouse dock 9/4/1895Loco
DY525Liverpool, overhead railway, Pier Head station 9/4/1895Loco
DY526Blackpool, north pier 20/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY527Blackpool, promenade from Wellington hotel 21/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY528Blackpool, central beach, low water 20/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY529Blackpool, central beach, high water 20/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY530Poulton, stocks and whipping post 20/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY531Southwell station, interior ; Looking west 27/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY532Southwell station, interior ; Looking west 27/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY533Southwell station, interior ; Looking east 27/8/1895Superintendents ??
DY534Hope station Superintendents ??
DY535Hope station ; Looking towards Chinley Superintendents ??
DY536Lichfield Cathedral, west front Superintendents ??
DY537Lichfield Cathedral, doorway Superintendents ??
DY538Lichfield Cathedral, children sleeping Superintendents ??
DY539Lichfield Cathedral, Bishop Ryders tomb Superintendents ??
DY540Castleton, Cave Dale 25/7/1895Superintendents ??
DY541Castleton, church, exterior 25/7/1895Superintendents ??
DY542Castleton, church, interior 25/7/1895General Managers
DY543Buxton, Ashwood Dale, showing train 6/1912Superintendents
DY544Buxton, Lovers Leap 3/7/1895Superintendents
DY545Buxton, street 15/?/1897Advertising
DY546Ashopton, Lady Bower 23/7/1895Advertising
DY547Hathersage, (near) glimpse of line 23/7/1895Advertising
DY548Edale, Upperbooth 8/8/1895Advertising
DY549Bamford, church, exterior 23/7/1895Advertising
DY550Bamford, village street 23/7/1895Advertising
DY551Bamford, village 23/7/1895Advertising
DY552Hathersage, village street view 22/7/1895Advertising
DY553Hathersage, Surprise rock 22/7/1895Advertising
DY554Hope, old cross in church yard, upright 22/7/1895Advertising
DY555Hope, view from Win Hill 22/7/1895Advertising
DY556Barber Booth, lane at 8/8/1895Advertising
DY557Barber Booth, river Noe 8/8/1895Advertising
DY558Grindleford, Longshaw Lodge 22/7/1895Advertising
DY559Grindleford, Burbage brook 22/7/1895Advertising
DY560Bolton Abbey, distant view 14/7/1896Advertising
DY561Bolton Abbey, Strid Wood 14/7/1896Advertising
DY562Kinder Hills, distant view 2/6/1896Advertising
DY563Kinder Hills, with tree 2/6/1896Advertising
DY564Olney, Cowpers chair 30/6/1896Advertising
DY565Olney, church 30/6/1896Advertising
DY566Olney, Cowpers house ; Perspective, cracked 30/6/1896Advertising
DY567Olney, Cowpers house ; Front view 30/6/1896Advertising
DY568Olney, main street 30/6/1896Advertising
DY569Derby, C&W Department, steam hammer C&W
DY570Derby, C&W Department, dove tailing machine C&W
DY571Derby, C&W Department, slotting machine C&W
DY572Derby, C&W Department, carriage lifted by hydraulic C&W
DY573Derby, C&W Department, cloth cutting machine C&W
DY574Derby, C&W Department, stationary engine C&W
DY576Derby, C&W Department, hydraulic axle and wheel machine C&W
DY577Derby, C&W Department, log cutting machine C&W
DY578Accident at Wymondham Junction 3/12/1892Traffic
DY579Accident at Wymondham Junction 3/12/1892Traffic
DY580Accident at Wymondham Junction 3/12/1892Traffic
DY581Accident at Wymondham Junction 3/12/1892Traffic
DY582Accident at Wymondham Junction 3/12/1892Traffic
DY583Derby, Temperance hall ????
DY584Derby, Temperance hall ????
DY585Derby, loco department, from NS sheds Loco
DY586Oakham, market rotunda and stocks 7/1888Traffic
DY587Potter Heigham, bridge, during construction 5/2/1894Traffic
DY588Potter Heigham, bridge, general view 5/2/1894Traffic
DY589Potter Heigham, bridge 5/2/1894Traffic
DY590Balloon in air (copied) Traffic
DY591Derby, Bridge Gate Traffic
DY592Derby, bridge, Saint Mary's Traffic
DY593St. Pancras station, interior 5/1892Traffic
DY594George Mellor, illuminated address Loco
DY595George Mellor, tea and coffee service Loco
DY596Group of pupils Loco
DY597Group of pupils ; Duplicate Loco
DY598Millers Dale, footbridge 13/6/1897Traffic
DY599Millers Dale, village, general view 13/6/1897Traffic
DY600Crane, steam Traffic
DY601Crane, steam Traffic
DY602Crane, steam Traffic
DY603Crane, steam Traffic
DY604Accident at Irchester Junction Traffic
DY605Accident at Irchester Junction Traffic
DY606Accident at Irchester Junction Traffic
DY607Accident at Irchester Junction Traffic
DY608Derby, Old Normanton Lane ????
DY609Madam Sarah Bernhardt 28/7/1894????
DY610Madam Sarah Bernhardt 28/7/1894????
DY611Wellingborough goods sidings ; General view 5/4/1894Goods
DY612Wellingborough goods sidings ; Near view 5/4/1894Goods
DY613Wellingborough goods sidings ; Distant view 5/4/1894Goods
DY614Gas cooking stove for messroom Loco
DY615Leicester, West Bridge station ; General view Traffic
DY616Leicester, West Bridge station ; Railway office Traffic
DY617Leicester, West Bridge station ; Railway office, duplicate Traffic
DY618Leicester, West Bridge station ; Railway office, duplicate Traffic
DY619Leicester, West Bridge station ; General view Traffic
DY620Leicester, West Bridge station ; Near view, railway office Traffic
DY621Ambulance group Traffic
DY622Ambulance group ; Duplicate Traffic
DY623Accident at Breadsall Crossing Traffic
DY624Accident at Swanwick Junction 21/1/1894Traffic
DY625Accident at Swanwick Junction 21/1/1894Traffic
DY626G. H. Turner, copied from enlargement Traffic
DY627G. H. Turner, copied from enlargement Traffic
DY628G. E. Paget, copied from enlargement Traffic
DY629G. E. Paget, copied from enlargement Traffic
DY630MSWJS Stock, dining car, No. 1, 1st class exterior ; Lot 308, built 1893 1893C&W Department
DY631MSWJS Stock, dining car, No. 1, 1st class interior ; Lot 308, built 1893 1893C&W Department
DY632MSWJS Stock, dining car, No. 1, 3rd class exterior ; Lot 310, built 1893 1893C&W Department
DY633MSWJS Stock, dining car, No. 1, 3rd class interior ; Lot 310, built 1893 1893C&W Department
DY634Pullman No. 8, interior ; Built 1876 1876C&W Department
DY635Pullman car No. 8, exterior ; Built 1876 1876C&W Department
DY636Paris Exhibition carriage, 916, exterior C&W Department
DY637Lynn South viaduct, distant view, general 8/4/1897M&GN
DY638Lynn South viaduct, near view, general 8/4/1897M&GN
DY639Lynn South viaduct ; Showing railroad with figures 8/4/1897M&GN
DY641Lynn South viaduct, girders 8/4/1897M&GN
DY642Derby Institute, old Leeds Place No. 8 & 9 10/8/1896Institute
DY643Derby Institute, old Leeds Place No. 8 & 9 10/8/1896Institute
DY644Derby Institute, coffee room 10/8/1896Institute
DY645Derby Institute, coffee room 10/8/1896Institute
DY646Derby Institute, lecture room 10/8/1896Institute
DY647Derby Institute, lecture room ; Duplicate 10/8/1896Institute
DY648Derby Institute, library 10/8/1896Institute
DY649Derby Institute, reading room 10/8/1896Institute
DY650Leicester old station, exterior Traffic
DY651Leicester old station, exterior ; Showing street lamp Traffic
DY652Leicester old station, exterior, distant view Traffic
DY653Leicester old station Traffic
DY654Bakewell, bridge Advertising
DY655Bakewell, road to Ashford Advertising
DY656Birmingham Central Goods warehouse Goods
DY657Birmingham Central Goods warehouse Goods
DY658Gloucester, tomb in cathedral Traffic
DY659Queens signature, and Duke of Wellingtons Traffic
DY660Timetable, London & Manchester, August 1842, Midland Counties Railway Traffic
DY661Timetable, London & Hull, March 1841, Midland Counties Railway ; Broken Traffic
DY662Map, Midland Counties Railway Traffic
DY663Design for ambulance medal Ambulance
DY664Elstow, street view 15/6/1893Advertising
DY665Warwick, hospital Advertising
DY66626 engine & tender Loco
DY667Nottingham, Trent bridge Advertising
DY668Burton, general view ; Copy Advertising
DY669Accident at Ilkeston Junction 18/10/1894Traffic
DY670Accident at Ilkeston Junction 18/10/1894Traffic
DY671Matlock, High Tor Advertising
DY672Ashopton Valley, Bamford ; Duplicate 23/7/1895Advertising
DY673Hathersage, general view Advertising
DY674Nottingham, castle Advertising
DY675Nottingham, Clifton Grove 1/9/1896Advertising
DY676Nottingham, Clifton Grove 1/9/1896Advertising
DY677Haddon Hall, from terrace 20/4/1896Advertising
DY678Haddon Hall, courtyard 20/4/1896Advertising
DY679Haddon Hall, entrance from inside 20/4/1896Advertising
DY680Haddon Hall, Dorothy Vernons bridge 20/4/1896Advertising
DY681Haddon Hall, looking along terrace ; Corner broken ???? 20/4/1896Advertising
DY682Haddon Hall, outside from North East 20/4/1896Advertising
DY683Haddon Hall, terrace slips 20/4/1896Advertising
DY684Haddon Hall, terrace slips full view 20/4/1896Advertising
DY685Haddon Hall, Dorothy Vernons steps 20/4/1896Advertising
DY686Yarmouth, Saint Nicholas church 8/1896Advertising
DY687Yarmouth, A Row (Upright) 8/1896Advertising
DY688Yarmouth, Borough arms 8/1896Advertising
DY689Yarmouth, beach gardens from west pier 8/1896Advertising
DY690Yarmouth, beach gardens 8/1896Advertising
DY691Yarmouth, promenade, general view 8/1896Advertising
DY692Yarmouth, Nelson's monument (horizontal) 8/1896Advertising
DY693Yarmouth, Nelson's monument (Upright) 8/1896Advertising
DY694Yarmouth, lifeboat house 8/1896Advertising
DY695Yarmouth, lifeboat house ; Interior 8/1896Advertising
DY696Yarmouth, suspension bridge 8/1896Advertising
DY697Yarmouth, sailors home 8/1896Advertising
DY698Darley Dale, church ; From road 9/10/1912Advertising
DY699Darley Dale, church ; From entrance gate 9/10/1912Advertising
DY700Darley Dale, church, interior 9/10/1912Advertising
DY701Darley Dale, church, brasses 9/10/1912Advertising
DY702Darley Dale, church, general view 21/4/1896Advertising
DY703Darley Dale, church, tower 21/4/1896Advertising
DY704Darley Dale, Yew tree 24/4/1896Advertising
DY707Darley Dale, Whitworth Institute 21/4/1896Advertising
DY708Darley Dale, Whitworth monument 21/4/1896Advertising
DY709Whatstandwell, general view, with tree ; Replaced by duplicate 4/9/1922 Advertising
DY710Whatstandwell, general view Advertising
DY711Whatstandwell, river, road, and railway Advertising
DY712Whatstandwell, street view Advertising
DY713Whatstandwell, Crich Stand ; Duplicate 18/6/1896Advertising
DY714Whatstandwell, Crich Stand Advertising
DY715Bolsover Castle, side view 23/4/1896Advertising
DY716Bolsover Castle, side view ; Duplicate 23/4/1896Advertising
DY717Bolsover Castle, front view 23/4/1896Advertising
DY718Bolsover Castle, entrance 23/4/1896Advertising
DY719Bolsover Castle, general view Advertising
DY720Bolsover Castle, doorway (Upright) 23/4/1896Advertising
DY721Bolsover Castle, doorway Advertising
DY722York, Saint Mary's Abbey ; Broken pillar in foreground 16/7/1896Advertising
DY723York, Saint Mary's Abbey ; With flag pole 16/7/1896Advertising
DY724York Minster, south side 16/7/1896Advertising
DY725York Minster, south side ; Duplicate 16/7/1896Advertising
DY726York, from river 16/7/1896Advertising
DY727Bournemouth, in gardens ; Showing footbridge 9/1896Advertising
DY728Bournemouth, in gardens 9/1896Advertising
DY729Bournemouth, general view 9/1896Advertising
DY730Bournemouth, invalids walk 9/1896Advertising
DY731Bournemouth, Boscombe Chine 9/1896Advertising
DY732Bournemouth, Boscombe gardens ; Duplicate 9/1896Advertising
DY733Bournemouth, Boscombe gardens, view of ; Used 9/1896Advertising
DY734Bournemouth, Boscombe pier 9/1896Advertising
DY735Bournemouth, from west cliffe 9/1896Advertising
DY736Bournemouth, view near pier, man sitting 9/1896Advertising
DY737Bournemouth, from east cliffe, with man 9/1896Advertising
DY738Bournemouth, from east cliffe 9/1896Advertising
DY739Bournemouth, Durley Chine 9/1896Advertising
DY740Bournemouth, Durley Chine 9/1896Advertising
DY741Bournemouth, Swanage stone globe 9/1893Advertising
DY742First Class Dining car, interior ; Built 1893 1893C&W
DY743Third Class Dining car, interior C&W
DY744Derby, drill hall, MR Ball ; Looking towards bar 7/2/1896Ball A/C
DY745Derby, drill hall, MR Ball 7/2/1896Ball A/C
DY746Derby, drill hall, MR Ball ; Looking towards stage 7/2/1896Ball A/C
DY747Diagram, horsepower 19/1/1896Loco
DY748Morecambe, Midland Hotel 8/5/1896Hotel
DY749Morecambe, old stone pier 8/5/1896Hotel
DY750Heysham, The Towers, near view 6/5/1896Traffic