Derby Registers DY5751–DY5842

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY5751324 Part of twin boiler and truck
DY5752413 and 324 Part of twin boiler and truck
DY5753191, 6-wheel First Class saloon
DY5754869, 6-wheel First Class saloon
DY575515089 Boiler Truck
DY575618278 Case Truck
DY575734709 Long Timber Truck
DY575831562 Implement Wagon
DY57591980 Match Wagon
DY5760129 Passenger Break
DY57617 MSJS Passenger Break
DY57621 Post Office Van
DY57636 Post Office Van
DY576412 Newspaper Van
DY576537 Newspaper van
DY576641 Newspaper van
DY576759 Newspaper van
DY5768571, 6-wheel Composite Carriage with brake
DY576960 Bullion Van
DY577060 Bullion Van, doors open
DY577118080 Timber Truck
DY5772211 Milk Van
DY577362 Meat Van
DY577431449 High side wagon
DY5775828, 6-wheel Composite Carriage
DY57761369, 6-wheel Third Class (carriage) with brake
DY5777731 Family Saloon
DY5778654 First Class Family Saloon
DY577949, 6-wheel Composite Carriage
DY578030, 4-wheel Bogie Composite (carriage) MSJS
DY578139, 6-wheel Composite (carriage)
DY57827579 Match Wagon with jib rest
DY578329670 Ballast Wagon
DY5784538 First Class Carriage [endorsed "Luggage Compo"]
DY578558 Newspaper van
DY5786528 First Class Carriage
DY578714534 Cattle Truck
DY57881 Directors' Saloon
DY578919243 Covered Goods Van
DY579077, 6-wheel Third Class Carriage
DY57911490, 6-wheel Third Class Carriage with brake
DY5792828 Saloon
DY57938 NSJS Third Class Carriage
DY57941157, 6-wheel Third Class Carriage with brake
DY5795198, 4-wheel Composite Carriage with brake
DY579624 Coal wagon [endorsed "Butterley Co."]
DY579729570 Armour Plate Truck
DY579814090, 4-wheel Bogie Third Class (carriage) with brake
DY5799228 Fish Truck
DY5800112 Horse Box
DY5801349 Horse Box
DY580290 Covered Carriage truck
DY58031535 Long Case Wagon
DY58041292 Long Case Wagon
DY5805274 Open Carriage Truck
DY580679 Open Carriage Truck
DY5807354 First Class Saloon
DY58081047 10 ton Goods Break
DY580918230 Tram Car Engine Truck
DY58107825 Meat van
DY5811164, 4-wheel Bogie Composite (carriage)
DY581231584 Signal Van
DY581329350 High sided Wagon
DY5814651 First Class Saloon
DY581532586 Boiler Truck
DY581610018 Girder Wagon [crossed through and endorsed "see 5827"]
DY5817211, 6-wheel First Class Carriage
DY581827488 Implement Wagon
DY5819315, 4-wheel First Class Carriage
DY5820382, 4-wheel Third Class Carriage
DY5821202, 4-wheel Third Class Carriage
DY5822816 Ballast Break
DY582336, 6-wheel Bogie First Class (carriage) with Brake
DY5824429, 4-wheel Bogie Third Class (carriage) with Brake
DY58256, 4-wheel Bogie Composite Luggage (carriage) with Brake
DY58261288, 4-wheel Bogie Third Class (carriage)
DY582710018 Girder Wagon [endorsed lightly "Long Armoured Plate Truck"]
DY582856 Parcels Van
DY58292-Horse Omnibus St. Pancras to Waterloo
DY58301-Horse Omnibus St. Pancras to Waterloo
DY583134841, 40 ton Armour Plate Truck
DY5832Carriage Department Forge
DY5833Trent, train at
DY5834Trent, train at
DY5835Letter, Westinghouse Brake
DY5836Group of Engine Drivers [showing various grades of uniformed staff plus possibly officials standing and seated in a group outside the MR Coffee Tavern in the Engineers Dept. offices yard at Derby.]
DY58374 Wheel First class close-coupled carriage No.258
DY58381662 Engine and tender
DY5839MR Musical Association Group
DY5840321 Six wheel First Class Carriage
DY5841Carriage Department Forge
DY5842[Not allocated]