Derby Registers DY5513–DY5750

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY5513Leeds diagram plate, Hunslet Lane
DY5514Sheffield diagram plate, Wicker Goods
DY5515Sheffield diagram plate, Passenger Station
DY5516Bristol diagram plate, MR Goods
DY5517Bristol diagram plate, Avonside Wharf
DY5518London diagram plate, Poplar Dock
DY5519London diagram plate, Ale Stores and Granary
DY5520London diagram plate, West India Dock
DY5521London diagram plate, Victoria Dock
DY5522London diagram plate, Whitecross Street
DY5523London diagram plate, Somers Town Low Level
DY5524London diagram plate, Somers Town High Level
DY5525London diagram plate, Mint Street
DY5526London diagram plate, St. Pancras Goods
DY5527Liverpool diagram plate, Victoria Street
DY5528Liverpool diagram plate, Alexandra Dock
DY5529Birmingham diagram plate, Lawley Street
DY5530Birmingham diagram plate, Central Goods
DY5531Bradford diagram plate, Goods and Wool
DY5532Bradford diagram plate, Midland Hotel
DY5533Bradford diagram plate, Bond Warehouse
DY5534Leicester diagram plate, MR Goods Shed
DY5535Leicester diagram plate, L&NWR Goods Shed
DY5536Leicester diagram plate, Passenger Station
DY5537Manchester diagram plate, MR Grain Warehouse
DY5538Manchester diagram plate, Ancoats Goods
DY5539Liverpool diagram plate, Victoria Street (duplicate)
DY5540Leeds diagram plate, Hunslet Lane (duplicate)
DY5541Timetables 1852 to 1892
DY5542Orphanage Concert Singers
DY5543Orphanage Concert Singers
DY5544Saltaire Diploma 1887
DY5545Paris Diploma 1889
DY5546Plan (of) lines Westhouses
DY5547Plan (of) lines Hasland
DY5548Diagram, No. of passengers carried
DY5549Diagram, Tons of goods carried
DY5550Diagram, No. of passengers carried
DY5551Diagram, No. of passengers and goods carried
DY574590322 MR Wagon
DY574635468 Meat Van
DY574730554 Implement Van
DY574835, 4-wheel bogie Composite Carriage, raised roof
DY5749323 Third Class (carriage) with brake, raised roof
DY57501254, 4-wheel Bogie Third (carriage) with brake.