Derby Registers DY251–DY500

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY251Plymouth Hoe 7/1887Advertising
DY252Torquay, The Strand 7/1887Advertising
DY253MSWJS Dining Car No. 4, Lot 335 ; built 1894 C&W
DY254MSWJS Dining Car No. 1 first class, Lot 308 ; built 1893 C&W
DY255Composite carriage, 632 C&W
DY256New Dining Car, interior No. 361 Lot 365 ; built 1896 C&W
DY257New Dining Car, exterior No. 361 Lot 365 ; built 1896 C&W
DY258Telegraph instrument, cover off Telegraph
DY259Telegraph instrument, cover on Telegraph
DY260Telegraph instrument, single needle Telegraph
DY261Disabled engine, from Wilnecote ; broken Loco
DY262Disabled engine, from Wilncote. Loco
DY263Road vehicle, 115 30/4/1896C&W
DY264Road vehicle, 597 30/4/1896C&W
DY265Road vehicle, 695 30/4/1896C&W
DY266Road vehicle, 1260 30/4/1896C&W
DY267Road vehicle, water cart 30/4/1896C&W
DY268Melton Constable, schools 20/3/1897M&GNJR
DY269Melton Constable, Colville Road 20/3/1897M&GNJR
DY270Melton Constable, Colville Road 20/3/1897M&GNJR
DY271Sherringham station 20/3/1897M&GNJR
DY272Engine, old Bury, Wingfield station Loco
DY273Derby, with Drill hall ballroom 1897 4/1897Ball a/c
DY274Derby, with Drill hall ballroom 1897 4/1897Ball a/c
DY275Bradford with spare lands
DY276Bradford with spare lands and shops
DY277Bradford with spare lands and shops
DY278Melbourne, with pool 9/1888Traffic
DY279Alton Towers, from lake 7/1886Traffic
DY280Kentish Town, with Naptha House Loco
DY281Kentish Town, with Naptha House Loco
DY282Kentish Town, with Naptha House, interior Loco
DY283Littleover Lane, old cottage 1888Loco
DY284Ingleby, old cottage 1888Loco
DY285Christchurch Priory ; [replaced 1892] 18/8/1885Traffic
DY286Dead End, (wood) Traffic
DY287Accident at Wath ; shewing carriage reared up 16/2/1894Traffic
DY288Accident at Wath ; shewing engine tender reared up 16/2/1894Traffic
DY289Accident at Wath ; shewing carriage reared up 16/2/1894Traffic
DY290Tamworth Castle, showing river ; shewing river Traffic
DY291Tamworth Castle, showing river and bridge ; shewing bridge Traffic
DY292Derby, Queen's visit, archway Traffic
DY293Southport, gardens ; shewing clock tower Advertising
DY294Southport, gardens ; shewing bridge and water Advertising
DY295Southport, Lord Street ; shewing pleasure boats Advertising
DY296York Minster, (upright) Advertising
DY297York Minster, chapel doors Advertising
DY298Windsor, from river Advertising
DY299Windsor Castle ; state rooms Advertising
DY300Windsor, round tower Advertising
DY301Derby, with Shareholders room for driver's banquet Loco
DY302Edinburgh, Scott's monument Advertising
DY303Edinburgh, Acropolis, Carlton Hill Advertising
DY304Edinburgh, Observatory, Carlton Hill Advertising
DY305Salkeld, druidical remains, small stones Advertising
DY306Travelling on Liverpool & Manchester Railway, 1833, first class carriage Advertising
DY307Travelling on Liverpool & Manchester Railway, 1833, wagons with goods Advertising
DY308Woodhouse Eaves, (lane up) Advertising
DY309Melrose Abbey, (distant) 12/7/1892Advertising
DY310Melrose Abbey, interior 12/7/1892Advertising
DY311Melrose Abbey, interior ; [showing east window] 12/7/1892Advertising
DY312Melrose Abbey, (near) 12/7/1892Advertising
DY313Dryburgh Abbey, near view 12/7/1892Advertising
DY314Dryburgh Abbey, distant view 12/7/1892Advertising
DY315Forth Bridge, perspective 13/7/1892Advertising
DY316Forth Bridge, straight 13/7/1892Advertising
DY317Forth Bridge, from farm yard 13/7/1892Advertising
DY318Morecambe, old pier 1886Advertising
DY319Morecambe, winter gardens 1886Advertising
DY320Windermere, waterhead 27/4/1886Advertising
DY321Bowness, from lake 27/4/1886Advertising
DY322Ambleside, general view 4/1886Advertising
DY323Church Stretton, old cottage Advertising
DY324Edinburgh, Musselburgh fisheries ; [old lady in centre] 15/7/1892Advertising
DY325Edinburgh, Musselburgh fisheries ; [old lady on left side] 15/7/1892Advertising
DY326Richmond, on river 7/1890Advertising
DY327Richmond, river and bridge 7/1890Advertising
DY328Richmond, on the river, distant view 7/1890Advertising
DY329Richmond, Star and Garter Hotel 7/1890Advertising
DY330Richmond, park 7/1890Advertising
DY331Richmond, on the river ; [showing bridge and figures] 7/1890Advertising
DY332Kew Observatory 7/1890Advertising
DY333Leicester, The Newarke, old arch 6/1892Advertising
DY334Leicester, The Newarke and Saint Mary's church ; shewing Castle Inn 6/1892Advertising
DY335Leicester, Humberstone Gate 6/1892Advertising
DY336Whatstandwell, the river 1896Advertising
DY337Haddon Hall, distant view ; shewing bridge 6/1890Advertising
DY338Haddon Hall, distant view ; shewing river 6/1890Advertising
DY339Haddon Hall, courtyard 26/4/1890Advertising
DY340Haddon Hall, Ball Room 26/4/1890Advertising
DY341Haddon Hall, general view 26/4/1893Advertising
DY342Haddon Hall, chapel 26/4/1893Advertising
DY343Haddon Hall, doorway upright 26/4/1893Advertising
DY344Haddon Hall, banquet hall 26/4/1893Advertising
DY345Haddon Hall, Queen Elizabeth's bed 26/4/1893Advertising
DY346Haddon Hall, from the terrace 26/4/1893Advertising
DY347Peterborough Cathedral, West front 10/5/1892Advertising
DY348Peterborough Cathedral ,marbel pulpit 10/5/1892Advertising
DY349Peterborough Cathedral, wood pulpit 10/5/1892Advertising
DY350Peterborough Cathedral, nave 10/5/1892Advertising
DY351Worcester, from the river 29/4/1892Advertising
DY352Worcester, cathedral choir 29/4/1892Advertising
DY353Worcester, cathedral choir 29/4/1892Advertising
DY354Worcester, guest house 29/4/1892Advertising
DY355Worcester Cathedral, Edgar tower 29/4/1892Advertising
DY356Worcester Cathedral, Edgar tower 29/4/1892Advertising
DY357Worcester Cathedral, cloisters 29/4/1892Advertising
DY358Worcester Cathedral, nave 29/4/1892Advertising
DY359Tewkesbury Abbey, Lady Chapel 22/4/1892Advertising
DY360Tewkesbury Abbey, nave 22/4/1892Advertising
DY361Tewkesbury Abbey, exterior general view 22/4/1892Advertising
DY362Tewkesbury Abbey, exterior general view 22/4/1892Advertising
DY363Lincoln Cathedral, from Castle Hill 9/6/1892Advertising
DY364Lincoln Cathedral, from the river 9/6/1892Advertising
DY365Lincoln Cathedral, nave 1/6/1892Advertising
DY366Lincoln Cathedral, Renedos 1/6/1892Advertising
DY367Lincoln Cathedral, north aisle 1/6/1892Advertising
DY368Lincoln Cathedral, south transcept 1/6/1892Advertising
DY369Lincoln Cathedral, west front 1/6/1892Advertising
DY370Lincoln, Newport Arch 1/6/1892Advertising
DY371Skipton, Castle exterior 4/6/1892Advertising
DY372Skipton, Castle and grounds 4/6/1892Advertising
DY373Blackpool, Winter Gardens 24/3/1896Advertising
DY374Blackpool, Concert Room, South Pier 24/3/1896Advertising
DY375Blackpool, South Pier 24/03/1896Advertising
DY376Coalville, view of monastry 11/10/1896Advertising
DY377Coalville, St. Bernards Abbey Monastry 11/10/1896Advertising
DY378Coalville, St. Bernards Abbey Monastry, statue 11/10/1896Advertising
DY379Wibley, Monument 11/1896Advertising
DY380Wibley, Monument 11/1896Advertising
DY381Wibley, Monument 11/1896Advertising
DY382Wibley, Monument and street 11/1896Advertising
DY383G H Turner, house Traffic
DY384G H Turner, portrait Traffic
DY385G H Turner, portrait Traffic
DY386Burton, station interior 14/5/1895Traffic
DY387Burton, station interior 14/5/1895Traffic
DY388Burton, station interior,near view 14/5/1895Traffic
DY389Trent, station, general view 8/8/1896Traffic
DY390Trent, station ; [showing signalbox] 8/8/1896Traffic
DY391Leicester, station, exterior Traffic
DY392Leicester, station, exterior, entrance Traffic
DY393Leicester, station, interior Traffic
DY394Leicester, station, interior Traffic
DY395Leicester, station, interior Traffic
DY396Leicester, station, interior Traffic
DY397Liverpool, hotel Hotel
DY398Liverpool, hotel Hotel
DY399Liverpool, hotel, general view 19/1/1896Hotel
DY400Liverpool, hotel, entrance 19/1/1896Hotel
DY401Liverpool, hotel, coffee room 19/1/1896Hotel
DY402Liverpool, hotel, bedroom 19/1/1896Hotel
DY403Liverpool, hotel, restaurant 19/1/1896Hotel
DY404Liverpool, hotel, Sefton restaurant 19/1/1896Hotel
DY405Liverpool, hotel, Sefton restaurant 19/1/1896Hotel
DY406Liverpool, hotel, sitting room 19/1/1896Hotel
DY407Liverpool, hotel, private smoke room 19/1/1896Hotel
DY408Liverpool, hotel, coffee room 19/1/1896Hotel
DY409Liverpool, hotel, drawing room 19/1/1896Hotel
DY410Liverpool, hotel, private smoke room 19/1/1896Hotel
DY411Liverpool, hotel, sitting room 19/1/1896Hotel
DY412weighing scale
DY413Frisby, old cottage 14/3/1885Advertising
DY414Frisby, old market cross 14/3/1885Advertising
DY415Kenilworth, castle, near view 7/1888Advertising
DY416Kenilworth, castle, distant view 7/1888Advertising
DY417Kenilworth, castle, general view 7/1888Advertising
DY418Kenilworth, castle, Caesars Castle 7/1888Advertising
DY419Warwick, Leicester hospital 7/1888Advertising
DY420Warwick, keep and flagstaff ; [negative destroyed 2/3/1926] 7/1888Advertising
DY421Warwick, general view ; [negative destroyed 2/3/1926] 7/1888Advertising
DY422Warwick, church on bridge ; [negative destroyed 2/3/1926] 7/1888Advertising
DY423Ambergate, Chase bridge Advertising
DY424Derby, arboretum, fountain, frost Advertising
DY425Derby, arboretum, fountain, frost Advertising
DY426Derby, arboretum, fountain, frost ; [upright near view] Advertising
DY427Derby, arboretum, fountain, frost ; [upright distant view] Advertising
DY428Gravesend, on river 7/1890Advertising
DY429Gravesend, on river 7/1890Advertising
DY430Gravesend, on river, upright 7/1890Advertising
DY431Gravesend, Hit or Miss hotel 7/1890Advertising
DY432Richmond, ships, upright 7/1890Advertising
DY433Richmond, on river ; [with figures] 7/1890Advertising
DY434Osmaston Manor Advertising
DY435Osmaston Manor ; [showing clock tower] Advertising
DY436Wingfield Manor, chapel window Advertising
DY437Broome, old cottages 7/1888Advertising
DY438Bideford, general view 7/1888Advertising
DY439Hope, church ; [exterior] Advertising
DY440Midland Counties, first passenger train Loco
DY4412189 engine and tender Loco
DY442215a tank engine Loco
DY4432094 goods engine and tender Loco
DY4441111 tank engine Loco
DY445 Loco
DY4461853 engine and tender Loco
DY4471853 engine and tender Loco
DY448149 engine and tender Loco
DY449183 engine and tender Loco
DY450227 road vehicle C&W
DY45119P road vehicle C&W
DY45230P road vehicle C&W
DY453140 road vehicle C&W
DY454117 road vehicle 2/11/1894C&W
DY455430 road vehicle 2/11/1894C&W
DY456527 road vehicle 2/11/1894C&W
DY457310 road vehicle 2/11/1894C&W
DY458gas tar tank 2/11/1894C&W
DY459Leicester Princess St. Bridge Traffic
DY460Leicester Fox St. during construction Traffic
DY461Leicester Fox St. during construction Traffic
DY462Leicester Fox St. during construction Traffic
DY463Leicester Fox St. during construction Traffic
DY464Leicester Fox St. during construction Traffic
DY465Leicester Fox St. during construction Traffic
DY466Leicester Lancaster St. bridge during construction Traffic
DY467Leicester Lancaster St. bridge during construction Traffic
DY468Leicester Lancaster St. bridge during construction Traffic
DY469Leicester Lancaster St. bridge during construction Traffic
DY470Leicester Lancaster St. bridge during construction, near view Traffic
DY471Leicester Regent Rd. bridge during construction Traffic
DY472Leicester Regent Rd. bridge during construction Traffic
DY473Leicester Regent Rd. bridge old bridge Traffic
DY474Leicester Princess St. old bridge during construction Traffic
DY475Leicester Regent Rd. new bridge during construction Traffic
DY476Leicester Regent Rd. new bridge during construction Traffic
DY477Leicester, New Walk, new bridge Traffic
DY478Leicester, Regents Road new bridge Traffic
DY479Leicester, Wilford Road old bridge Traffic
DY480Leicester, Wilford Road new bridge Traffic
DY481Leicester, Wilford Road old bridge Traffic
DY482Leicester, Wilford Road new bridge Traffic
DY483Leicester, London Road bridge Traffic
DY484Leicester, London Road old bridge Traffic
DY485Leicester, London Road bridge Traffic
DY486Leicester, London Road bridge Traffic
DY487Leicester, Tunnels Knighton Junction Traffic
DY488Leicester, Tunnels Knighton Junction Traffic
DY489Leicester, New Walk bridge Traffic
DY490Leicester, Princess Street bridge Traffic
DY491Leicester, New Walk bridge Traffic
DY492Sinfin bridge being exploded Traffic
DY493Sinfin bridge being exploded ; After explosion Traffic
DY494Sinfin bridge being exploded ; Before explosion, distant view Traffic
DY495Sinfin bridge being exploded ; Before explosion, near view Traffic
DY496Sinfin bridge being exploded ; Before explosion, with signal Traffic
DY497Water softening apparatus tank ; Near view 1/3/1895Loco
DY498Water softening apparatus tank ; Distant view 1/3/1895Loco
DY499Yarmouth, Saint Nicholas church, interior 9/4/1897Bass & Company
DY500Yarmouth, Saint Nicholas church, exterior 9/4/1897Bass & Company