Derby Registers — KWIC Index X

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

Please note that this index does not always show the full photograph description. A maximum of six words either side of the keyword is shown. To see the full description of the photograph select the link at the start of the entry you are interested in.


DY5093Diagram of Combustion Turbine 1558E(X11-39 Brown Boven) [copied], Electrical
DY5057of L&YR 2-10-0 Goods Engine 66x45, CME
DY4918Liverpool ordnance mapXCIX - 10, Engineers
DY4921Liverpool ordnance mapXCIX - 11, Engineers
DY4924Liverpool ordnance mapXCIX - 12, Engineers
DY4926Liverpool ordnance mapXCIX - 13, Engineers
DY4928Liverpool ordnance mapXCIX - 14, Engineers
DY4930Liverpool ordnance mapXCIX - 15, Engineers
DY4917Liverpool ordnance mapXCIX - 9, Engineers
DY4934Birkenhead ordnance mapXIII - 3, Engineers
DY4935Birkenhead ordnance mapXIII - 4, Engineers
DY4936Birkenhead ordnance mapXIII - 7, Engineers
DY4937Birkenhead ordnance mapXIII - 8, Engineers
DY17153Advertising Board, London Road, Nottingham"Xmas & New Year Tickets", C.G.Sup'ts
DY17152Advertising Board, Fish Dock Gates. Birmingham."Xmas at Hotels", C.G.Sup'ts
DY13806Advertisement board Station St. Derby,Xmas Holidays, Gen Supt.
DY4940Chester & Holyhead, Engineers, Copied. SheetXXXVIII Side view
DY4941Chester & Holyhead, Engineers, Copied. SheetXXXVIV End view