The management of the Society is in the hands of the Executive Committee. All posts are honorary. The email address below have been spam trapped.

Chairman Adrian Tester chairman (at)
Vice-Chairman Stephen Lea
Secretary and
Study Centre Co-ordinator
Dave Harris secretary (at)
Treasurer Alan Cox treasurer (at)
Membership Secretary Alan Cox membership (at)
General Trustees
  • Steve Huson
  • Stephen Lea
  • Andrew Surry
  • David Geldard
  • Nick Wheat
  • Bryan Gray

Other Posts

Journal Editors Andrew Surry & Stephen Lea journal (at)
Newsletter Editor Howard McLean newsletter (at)
Publicity Officer Colin Glenister publicity (at)
Publications Co-ordinator
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Nick Wheat publishing (at)
Social Media Contact Nick Wheat Facebook : Instagram
Collection Committee Chairman David Geldard
Exhibitions Co-ordinator Frances Peacock
Modelling Co-ordinator Tony Gomersall (4mm) a.f.gomersall (at)
Modelling Co-ordinator Tony Etches (7mm) tetches45 (at)
Internet Co-ordinator Dave Curtis webmaster (at)
Commercial Publication Sales Andrew Cholerton booksales (at)
Exchange Journal Co-ordinator Jim Pope
Outreach Officer Steve Huson

Honorary Life Patron

Anne Burrows


The Society at its Annual General Meeting may elect a President, who remains in office for a term not exceeding the period from one Annual General Meeting to the following Annual General Meeting.

Our president for 2023/24 is Mr. Andy Brown.

Past Presidents

Our presidents for previous years are as follows:

2022-23Jamie Guest
2021-22Andrew Surry
2019-21Ian Abram (served 2 years due to Covid)
2018-19Ian Howard
2017-18Robin Cullup
2016-17Adrian Tester
2015-16John Downing
2014-15Peter Butler
2013-14Adrian Prescott
2012-13Ian Howard
2011-12David Hunt
2010-11Laurence Knighton
2009-10Garth Ponsonby
2008-9Chris Rouse
2007-8Peter Witts
2006-7Howard Sprenger
2005-6Stephen Summerson
2004-5Geoff Goslin
2003-4Bob Essery
2002-3Mark Higginson
2001-2Jack Braithwaite
2000-1Roger Brettle
1999-2000John Edginton
1998-9David Tee
1997-8John Gough

Our president for 1999/2000 was Mr. John Edgington. John’s Presidential Address “The Birmingham West Suburban Railway” has been published by the Society.

Dr John Gough was our president for 1997/1998. John’s presidential address on Records and the Midland Railway has been published by the Society for the benefit of members.